Making Impossibilities-Possibilities. All Day. Every Day.


With over billion dollars in sales a year,

Donisia Marquis-Knight has developed an infamous reputation

as one the Top Real Estate Agent for Bay Area.

Her expertise in the Tri Valley Cities & Greater Bay area,

and being known as the "Queen of Flips" manage to make her as one of the high ranking agents and in the entire Northern California.

CEO of DMK Elite Staging
President of DMK Elite Networking
CEO DMK Elite Fund
Internship - Community - Innovator Leader-

Consistent Top Producer

A Proud Mother

The secret to it all is her integrity, loyalty, professionalism, and most of all her Passion in serving her clientele with out most dedication.

Donisia beyond is comparable with other realtors,

you can always reach her and her loving smile 24/7.

She has a network of friends and power partners providing her support and helping her make sure every transaction are promptly & efficiently addressed, keeping up with her motto:

"Making Real Estate Impossibilities, Possibilities.

All day. Every day.

When you list a House for sale it becomes a Product. Just like other products for sale, the House must be seen in order for it to sell. Therefore the House should be merchandised so that it stands out on the shelf amongst the others for sale. The way you live in a Home and the way you sell and market your House are two very different things. Staging de-personalizes and changes the language of a Home. It tells a Buyer “This is what your life will be like”. It is an art of design which creates & persuades moods. Staging allows a home to illustrate that it’s clean, warm, spacious, bright, cozy & loving. With the right professional Home Stager on your team, Buyers begin to mentally move in. They are immediately stimulated with a sense of fulfillment, excitement and well being.


"I fully embrace my passion for home staging & design and pride myself on my innovative creativity, talent and integrity. I have an intuitive sense of urgency and an innate talent for marketing visual merchandising. I understand the magnitude of a Buyers first impression impacting their commitment to a purchase. My overall sense of organization, cleanliness and flow enables me to accentuate the properties best attributes. I have a keen eye for symmetry, balance, scale, proportion and color. My passion, genuine nature & creativity allows me to express through design any mood, intention, scene or lifestyle above and beyond expectations."

~Donisia Marquis-Knight

Inspire visitors by showing them a finished home that feels elegant, welcoming and loved.Donisia's  High-end designer furnishings, transforms any space into a luxury home.

Work with Donisia, and make your dream home come true.

Total Rehabilitation

Donisia's magical touch of elegance and style, can transform even a vacant home, into a welcomed and loved home by everyone who come and visits it.

Our team can fully clean and make your home as presentable and inviting to all guests.

"Everything I Touch...Turns  To Sold "

Donisia has a network of contractors, with expert teams in turning any home to your own dream home. Our team can beat any time frame you wish at your affordable budget.

Vacant Staging

Total Furnishing, Staging & Interior Design

Unleash The Potential Beauty Of Your Home

We are Everywhere....